3-D Jasteroids
Shoot those space rocks before they destroy you!

3-D Jasteroids is a 3-D, online version of the classic arcade video game "Asteroids."
Shoot at and destroy asteroids and flying saucers before you run out of energy or are destroyed!


You are the little white ship at the center of the cube. Use the controls listed above to navigate in 3D-space and shoot the asteroids. Use the radar (side and top) on the bottom right and the ship's-eye view (bottom left) to help determine where you are. When an asteroid (and your ship) leave one side of the cube, they return on the opposite side. Watch your energy...shields, thrusting and firing uses up energy. Hitting an asteroid adds to your score (smaller asteroids are worth more) and splits larger asteroids into multiple smaller ones. When you destroy them all you move onto the next round, which is harder. Oh, and watch out for the UFOs which will fly through and shoot at you. You get a total of 3 lives, but gain additional lives when you score a multiple of 10000. It's that simple!

PLEASE NOTE: After pressing "Start Game", you need to click the mouse cursor on the main playing screen,
otherwise pressing SPACE (to shoot) will re-start the game!
Keyboard Controls:
  • Rotate the ship: UP/DOWN/ LEFT/RIGHT arrows or 2/4/6/8
  • Fire: Space bar or M
  • Thrust Forward: A
  • Retro-thrusters ("brakes"): Z
  • Shields: S
If you don't see the game here, you need to install Java on your machine.
Mouse Controls:
  • The 3 buttons let you move the "universe" in different directions.
  • Most useful is the middle button which lets you rotate the game.
  • The other buttons let you zoom in/out or move it left-right.
Game Buttons
  • The START button begins the game; PAUSE pauses it at any time.
  • END GAME ends the current game.
  • SHIP'S-EYE turns on/off the small ship's-perspective view. Position asteroids in the crosshairs to aim.

Written by astrodud.
Source code for this applet and the 3-D Java library are available for download.